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Our focus is to bring birdlife and nature to homes that can’t experience nature during tough times like the Corona Virus Pandemic. We promise to bring you enjoyment and as birders, we would like to encourage you to become more interested in the wildlife in your own back garden. People don’t realize that they have a wonderful display of nature right nearby without having to visit game reserves to see the Big 5. With the Mtunzi BirdCam feeding station, you can view many different garden birds and even monkeys & bats visit our bird feeder streaming 24/7.  In making our videos we encourage you to bird watch and look at the behavior of birds. In doing so, you will grow your knowledge of birds. Our main focus at Mtunzi Birdcam is sharing the wonders of nature with the world via our Birdcam Live 24/7. Be sure to check out our videos of the most recent visits on our Twitch or Youtube channel.

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